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#213: Realm of Fire - Are we an RPG podcast now?

August 12, 2022

For some reason we started this one chatting D&D for 10 minutes. So I dunno, if you wanna not listen to that skip ahead to 09:00. We finally cover some Black Library bits, we have notes and we address some listener feedback and talk about GW stuff we love!


Check out our family of cool-guy podcasts and other slack-jawed Warhammer buffoonery:


The “Best” Warhammer Podcast in the world, Middle Earth Crisis, here: https://soundcloud.com/dungeonpunx


Rob’s favourite watch, MS Paints on YouTube:



Our homie, Billion Dollar Clown Farm on YouTube:



Do you like to ROLEPLAY?

Well first you need to be listening to Full Metal RPG https://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg 


Then check out Alan Bahr's RPG company, Gallant Knight Games, and maybe pick one or to of 'em up! https://www.gallantknightgames.com/


Sadly gone, but not forgotten, Dice Thrower:



Come hang with Brendan and Rob on Discordhttps://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg



Thank you to our friends at Phoenix-area industrial band Amnestic for our theme music! Purchase our opener here: https://amnestic.bandcamp.com/track/rhythm-of-violence

or check out their entire catalog: https://amnestic.bandcamp.com/

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