Darker Days Radio

#160:The Dread Cassette - 01

September 25, 2020

Sam, Crystal, and Chris start the first in a new series of shows which focus primarily on horror media and some spooky stories. In this episode we look at the very tangible horror of the pandemic and the lockdowns, and movies that fit that them - Host, and REC. We also discuss the haunted island of Poveglia, and the plague village or Eyam

Time Stamps:
00:00:20 - Introduction

00:12:26 - Host

00:24:52 - REC

00:44:23 - Poveglia

00:57:00 - Eyam 



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Into, outro and bumpers music from Majestic 12, from Occams Laser's hit album, Occult 86. 

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