Darker Days Radio

#207: Realm of Fire - Reboot!

July 8, 2022

Reforged, rebooted, redacted! 

Realm of Fire is back on the home of Darker Days Radio, and Darkhammer!

Rob and Chris kick it off with Necromunda, Ash Wastes, and sweary Warhammer animations. Feth!


Check out our family of cool-guy podcasts and other slack-jawed Warhammer buffoonery:


The Best Warhammer Podcast in the world, Middle Earth Crisis, here: https://soundcloud.com/dungeonpunx


Sadly gone, but not forgotten, Dice Thrower:



Our homie, Billion Dollar Clown Farm on YouTube:



Do you like to ROLEPLAY? Check out Alan Bahr's RPG company, Gallant Knight Games, and maybe pick one or to of 'em up! https://www.gallantknightgames.com/


Come hang with Brendan and Rob on Discordhttps://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg



Thank you to our friends at Phoenix-area industrial band Amnestic for our theme music! Purchase our opener here: https://amnestic.bandcamp.com/track/rhythm-of-violence

or check out their entire catalog: https://amnestic.bandcamp.com/


Brendan ripped off without permission music from Neckbeard Death Camp. You should support them here:

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