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#221: The Chimeric Herbarium

November 11, 2022

Chris and Crystal review the relic from the future, The Chimeric Herbarium by the Zoetica Ebb, which explores the strange, exotic, and rather deadly, plants that exist on a world many light years away.

The Chimeric Herbarium is a coffee table art book collecting the work of Zoetica Ebb, which, while being a collection of her art, is also filled with details and discussions of alien flora that would not be out of place in fantasy and sci-fi RPGs.


Episode Corrections:

The dresses modelled by Ulorin Vex that feature Zoetica's designs were not made by PlastikWrap, but rather facilitated by Adriana Fulop, owner of Plastik Wrap. The digital art was created in conjunction with Peachthief.


Chris also briefly reviews the Mörk Borg compatible grim-dark sci-fi RPG, Vast Grimm, a suitable candidate for using the ideas presented in the Chimeric Herbarium.

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