Darker Days Radio

#82: The White Wolf, Unchained

October 31, 2017

Mike and Chris are joined by Tobias Sjögren and Martin Ericsson of White Wolf Entertainment to discuss the past two years of growth for the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness. The White Wolf discusses ideas for the future, immorality in Vampire: the Masquerade, violence in Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and belief and cosmology in Mage: the Ascension. The interview finishes up with a discussion of how to respect the uniqueness of the Chronicles of Darkness, particularly Vampire: the Requiem, hints at the future of Exalted, and even leaves some tantalizing remarks about Big Eyes, Small Mouth, and Silver Age Sentinels. Thank you to all the listeners who submitted questions!

Special thanks to Occam's Laser for providing new music for our intro, outro, and bumpers.

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