Darker Days Radio

#88: Full Metal RPG Horror

June 16, 2018

From the darkest, grimiest corners of urban myth come Brendan Carrion and Adam Sink of the Full Metal RPG Podcast! These two master storytellers join Mike and Chris to show listeners how to amp up their games, double down on terror, and accidentally mix My Little Pony with Hellraiser. Combined with some hot takes on Vampire 5th Edition and a secret frequency on the real life Fall River Satanic Cult, this is a must listen episode!

Remember to check out the Full Metal RPG Horrorism and Survivalism 'zines, a great resource for storyteller ideas.

Time Stamps:
00:06:30 - World of Darkness News 
00:31:10 - Who Is Full Metal RPG?
00:52:25 - What Is Survivalism and Horrorism?
01:18:20 - The Secret Frequency

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Links For This Episode:  
Midnight Express Podcast: https://midnightexpress.podbean.com/
Mike's History Podcast on the Satanic Panic: http://historylessons.libsyn.com/161-the-satanic-panic
Full Metal RPG Podcast: http://fullmetalrpg.com/
Horrorism and Survivalism Direct: http://fullmetalrpg.com/product-category/zines/

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