Darker Days Radio

#54: Happy Horror-Days

December 24, 2013

Mike, Chris and Chigg bring a holiday special. In this show we delve into the subject of True Faith and it's appearance and application in Classic World of Darkness.

In the Secret Frequency  we look at a snow themed mystery, the Devil's Footprints.
Finally we look at the latest book for New World of Darkness' Mummy the Curse - Guildhalls of the Deathless.
And finally listen to find out how you can enter our competition to win a copy of Vampire the Requiem - Blood and Smoke.
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Also guys if you can spare some money, David Hill and Filamena Young, who have written for many, many, World of Darkness books, were recently burgled and had their computers stolen. That is their livelihood. Plus they were meant to be moving country soon. Help them out!