Darker Days Radio

Darkling #27: Chronicle Design Part 4 - Embracing the Pack

October 23, 2012

Chris is once more joined by James and Steve to discuss more matters regarding running a chronicle. This time they are also joined by Sam (tabletop and tumblr rpg player, budding writer and also is married to Chris), as they talk about finding players, getting a good group together, dealing with problem players, PC creation and group templates, dark story content and more. Send any feedback or questions send us an email at darkerdaysradio@gmail.com Alternatively you can get more news and information about us on Google +, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check us out at http://www.facebook.com/DarkerDaysRadio or our Posterous forum at http://darkerdaysradio.posterous.com/#!/. Be sure to subscribe through iTunes! Our new domain name is http://darker-days.org Interested in any of the books we mentioned? The art of Nigel Sade Spiel - Essen Gaming Convention Of course drop by Drivethrurpg for all your gaming needs. DriveThruRPG.com Right now they have until November a Halloween Sale on all Vampire the Requiem Products. DriveThruRPG.com