Darker Days Radio

#24: World of Darkness Online and WoDNews.net

May 13, 2011

The first episode focused on World of Darkness Online! Mike reveals that he's been cheating on the World of Darkness. Chris introduces listeners to City of the Damned: Manchester and Venice Unmasked. Mark tries to influence the Consensus and create Mage 20th Anniversary. The triple threat goes through way too much news with more tangents than a Pooka on speed. Mark follows this up with a Secret Frequency about "The Hum," a strange phenomenon found throughout the entire world. Following this our new WoD Online correspondent Harlequin of wodnews.net gives us all the facts about the upcoming MMO and some speculation. It's an exciting segment and the most comprehensive summary of World of Darkness online so far. For the best World of Darkness Online info, check out www.wodnews.net/ Chris's NWoD work can be found on his blog: http://ethericlabs.posterous.com/#!/ Remember to follow Darker Days at http://www.facebook.com/DarkerDaysRadio and http://twitter.com/#!/DarkerDaysRadio and subscribe through iTunes! Email: darkerdaysradio@gmail.com