Darker Days Radio

#41: Best. Episode. Ever.

December 25, 2012

Mike and Chris interrogate NWO agents Lillian Cohen-Moore and David Hill Jr. after they leaked vital Technocratic secrets in Conventionbook NWO. The episode begins with some well wishes for Adrian Stagg and Mark Hope, and Mike mistakenly predicts that Mummy won't kickstart until after the holidays. Following that, the crew discusses the New World Order, with a special look at how the convention has changed in the past decade. Everyone takes a break from the Q&A and discusses a some creepy holiday urban legends from around the United Kingdom. The episode finishes off with a discussion of #OneReasonWhy and some of the cool non-WoD stuff we can expect from David and Lillian. Oh, and Wraith. Be sure to check us out at http://www.facebook.com/DarkerDaysRadio or our Google Plus Community at https://plus.google.com/communities/104221086985174488220. Be sure to subscribe through iTunes! Featured Books: Link For This Show: Demon: the ???: http://youtu.be/40PJ8fz1X4U?t=39m30s Lillian's Website: http://www.lilliancohenmoore.com/ David's Website: http://machineageproductions.com/ The Gospel of Sarah by Machine Age Productions: http://www.indiegogo.com/gospelofsarah Lillian Interviews Rich Dansky: http://geeksdreamgirl.com/2012/04/05/among-the-ferrymen-richard-dansky/