Darker Days Radio

#69: Darker Days By Night

March 21, 2016


Mike, Chris, and Chigg are joined by the luminaries of By Night Studios. CEO Jason the Elder, Lead Editor Jennifer "Loopy," and Developer Jason the Younger walk listeners through the basics of Mind's Eye Theater live action role-play and highlight the differences between older editions and their new books. The guests dig deep into Mind's Eye Theater Vampire and Werewolf, presenting epic events from past LARPs and discussing their newest plans. In particular, By Night Studios is excited to present some of their plans for the upcoming Grand Masquerade 2016, September 1st-3rd in New Orleans!

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Links for this episode:
Contact By Night Studios: http://www.bynightstudios.com/about-us/
Contact White Wolf Publishing: http://www.whitewolf-publishing.com/
Chris, David and Sam head up a new, NWoD centric podcast: https://networkzero.podbean.com/

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