Darker Days Radio

#77: Demons Conquering Love

April 30, 2017

Mike, Chris, Chigg, and Matt strive through an epic four segment show, bringing you news, reviews, and even a little insight. First, Mike and Chigg explore the concept of Love Beyond Death. Then Chris reviews the Demon Storyteller's Guide for Demon: the Descent. Mike also presents the Bunyip in a very special secret frequency. And finally, Matt dares the unknown to bring us the penultimate analysis of Night Horrors: Conquring Heroes.

Special thanks to Occam's Laser for providing new music for our intro, outro, and bumpers.
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Links For This Episode: 
Xander's Game: RosenkruezStillette 
Yukari's Etsy: Art Of Yukari
Chris's Spaceship Game: Noble Armada 3rd Edition
Chris on Beasts of War playing Kingdom Death: Monster
World of Darkness: Berlin:

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