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Darkling #39: In Strix Confidence - Interview with Simon Berman

July 11, 2016


In this Darkling we interview Simon Berman. Simon recently finished his time at Privateer Press and has established Strix Publishing.

Currently Simon is running the Kickstarter campaign for a book that will be published by Strix Publishing - APOCRYPHA: The Art of Jason Soles.

Jason Soles some may know already is lead developer at Privateer Press, for the games Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms RPG. Jason is also one of the creators of Unhallowed Metropolis.

So sit back and listen to us talk all about Strix Publishing, APOCRYPHA, Jason Soles, and the future for Strix.

(please ignore the pause in the audio at the 45 min mark or so - missing audio will be fixed later.)

Strix Publishing: http://www.strixpublishing.com/

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